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Bulbs may Broadcast Broadband in Future (Broadband Bulbs)

Have you ever imagined that by simply turning on the switch of your bulb will switch on your wireless internet connection. A leading British physicist of Edinburgh University who claims to have developed a technology which send data through the same connection as a normal Lamp. Prof Harald say it can send data at a speed faster than 10Mbps which is the speed of a high speed internet connection by altering the frequency of ambient light in the room. By replacing old fashioned incandescent models with LED bulbs he has claimed he could turn them all into Internet transmitters, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

It may have its new applications in Hospitals, Military, Schools, Airplanes and in underwater. Aerospace passengers may access internet connection while traveling.

"The way we transmit wireless data is inefficient electromagnetic waves, in particular radio waves which are limited and they are sparse and they are expensive and only have a certain range.

Prof has also said that : It is this limitation which does not interfere with wireless data, and we are running out of efficiency. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and wouldn't it be great to use it for wireless communications.
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