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I iPhone 5 Wann

These days in market there are lots of rumors about iPhone 5 looks and features. some websites and blogs says that Apple as released there product looks and features but the truth is that still it is awaited. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced that they will release this iPhone 5 may be end of this year of next year, so for lovers of iPhone 5 they have to wait more. There are some pictures of iPhone 5 in market:

No one can say about screen size of iPhone 5 because screen size can be increased or decreased in iPhone 5.

 Bigger size if more likely to be waited because with bigger size screen i.e 4inches is expected more attractive looks can be given and more liked by users.
 You like while color?? Yes for white color fans white color of iPhone 5 is more expected to launch as well.
Thinner or slimmer is more attractive so it has more chances to come or in different shape with wider screen.
 Size confusion ..??
 Different body material is expected to give attractive looks and for a change.
 Thinner, Slimmer, Wider, Better finally.. :)
Different shape and looks may surprise you as well so be ready for Apple iPhone 5.
Any in features you must expect all things upgraded like 1GB RAM, 1Gz+ Processor, 32GB+ Memory, 3072*2048 + resolution with HD, Ultimate touch experience with upgraded OS. Lot more is expected...so be ready for surprise..!!
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