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What is Google Adsense and How it makes Money

Adsense was started in year 2000 and It is a good source of income for one who is engaged in websites or blog. A person who runs his website or blog can earn easily from adsense.

Google earn most of their revenue by allowing other website owners to display their ads on their search result pages. This process is handled by adword and they act as publishers for you if you wish to advertise on Google and they will charge money for this. If you are running your own website then you can apply for Google adsense program. After reviewing your application and your website or blog they will create your adsense account by which you can manage ads that appear on your website or blog.

There are various type of ads which includes text ads, image ads, image and text ads etc which comes in various sizes so that you can manage their size on your website i.e 720*90 |  720*15  |  320*240 etc

                                           Adsense Account

Earning from Adsense:
Adsense does not promise you any amount per click because this amount varies from click to click and ad to ad and location to location. Lets say a company has given its ad to Google and Google further gives you that ad to share revenue fro adsense, now if that advertiser has given good rate per click then you will get good amount per click else you will get less amount per click. It is observed that the rate per clicks vary from 2cents to 20$ per click but normally the average click rate if you get traffic from all over the world is $0.50 -$1.
Good keywords are normally called as "niche keywords" eg domains yahoo, Forex, employment, make money, sex etc You cam check your adsense account anytime to see your earning it is generally refreshed after few minutes or maximum 30 mins. Lets say if you get 9$ for 15 clicks you can calculate your average earning per click easily by 15/9.

                                          Earn up to $50 easily

Beside this you have to take care of google adsense rules and policies that you will not generate fake traffic, you will not click your own ads, you will not ask anyone to click your ads, you will not give any type of perks and incentives to visitors for clicking your ads. While you are making your site and you want to add google adsense then make sure that you will not copy any content from anywhere or any website, that must be original and your content (posted by you not copied). You can take ideas from other site and little information but making should be your original, don't try to just copy and paste the content.

Your average earning from starting may be around $50-70 per month that after one month if your site running well you may earn around $100-150 per month if you getting good visitors like average 300-500 page views per day. According to google less than 5% CTR (click through rate) is OK. Lesser your CTR more safe you are. If you trying to get fake clicks then your ctr would increase and Google will definitely ban you soon.
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